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Melbourne wedding videographer, Sam Bennett, LGBTIQ, fun wedding

Your wedding film should shout “THIS IS US! THIS IS WHO WE ARE!”

I’m here to make sure that happens and that your wedding film is here to represent who you are - for real.


Every wedding is different, truly and wonderfully unique. That in and of itself is worth celebrating and there’s one sure reason your wedding will be unique - the people.

Those people are what make your wedding ‘your wedding’ - you, your fiancé, and all of those awesome people you're inviting!

People bring life, they bring personality. People are the reason we laugh, the reason we cry, and the reason we get up and embarrass ourselves on the dance floor (maybe the last bit’s just me)

I'm not here to create a wedding film that ignores the people and feels just like the last wedding video you watched. I’m here to seek out those honest moments and everything that normally slips through the cracks.

A film to represent you and your person.

Making fun wedding films for fun people just like you!


Sam Bennett


HELLO and goodbye.


I'm fully booked, so won't be taking on any new bookings.


(Scroll for videographer recommendations)

I have been beyond lucky to have filmed so many amazing weddings since 2015 and as of May 2023, I'm going to take a little me-time which means no more weddings for now.

This is very bitter-sweet as all of your incredible weddings have played a HUGE role in my life over the last eight years through New Age Films. Being surrounded by the joy, fun, and love of so many memorable weddings has been hugely fulfilling and I am so grateful to every one of you who have been on this journey with me.

I'll be taking this time to step back from weddings and explore some other areas of filmmaking going forward.

I am proud to say that I'm going out on a high and not as some grumpy old bastard who doesn't love their job like I do!

Feel welcome to still call, text, email, or DM me if you just wanna say hello.

Sam x


Here are some of Melbourne's very best wedding filmmakers (in no particular order) and I cannot recommend them highly enough. I know everyone here personally and trust them immensely.

If you have any one of these folks filming your wedding, you will be in the very best of hands.

Annette and Dani Logo_edited.png
Annette and Dani Photo 1.jpeg

We are Annette and Dani, and we create natural, beautiful, romantic and timeless wedding videos.


John Kurt Photo.gif
John Kurt Logo_edited.png

A wedding day can move by so fast.

I want you to remember every moment.


YaYa Photo.jpeg
yaya Logo 2.png

We are Yaya Films - your unofficial bridal squad, unlicensed party starter, dad joke provider, and support animal on your wedding day. Our goal is to create a wedding video full with snort induced laughter, mascara ruining teary sesh and pants splitting dance moves - the joyous chaos of weddings.


High Up Films Photo.jpeg
High Up Films Logo.png

We are wedding videographers who seek to capture the true essence of your love in a candid, romantic and fun way. We aim to blend in and be a part of it all, creating a cinematic experience that hits you in the feels!


Tango Films Photo.jpeg
Tango Films Logo_edited.png

Wedding films, done differently.





Lunar Red Films Photo.jpeg
Lunar Red Films Logo.png

Just your friendly neighbourhood wedding videographer.

Think of me like an old friend who just happens to be a wedding cinematographer.


True Story Logo_edited.png
True Story Photo.jpeg

I want to show you what your love looks like. Because from here, it looks perfect.


Jackson Grant Logo 3.png
Jackson Grant Photo.gif
Jackson Grant Logo 1_edited.png

The only time I’m in the way is when the Nutbush comes on. I snap, I film, and I’m here for a good time, not a long time.


Revel Films Photo.png
Revel Films Logo.png

⚡️Making Main Characters⚡️


Valley & Peak Photo.jpeg
Valley & Peak Logo.png

A couple of extra mates at your wedding.

…that also happen to make really nice pictures and films⚡️


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